eCommerce Chatbot | 22 Ways to Increase Sales, Conversions, and Retentions with automation

eCommerce Chatbot

If you’re looking for excellent business growth, increase in sales and conversions, use an eCommerce chatbot today!

If you need conversions and retention in your business, apply the services of an eCommerce chatbot.

Before we begin to discuss chatbots, their advantages, and why they should be used for versatile business, let’s go into E-commerce and what it is all about. Chatbots and e-commerce go hand in hand.

Therefore, let’s see what it involves and entails.

What is eCommerce?
Electronic commerce, also known as e-commerce involves the buying and selling of products or online services over the internet. This is the 21st century, and e-commerce is widely and rapidly spreading across the globe.
Advantages of e-commerce

E-commerce has many benefits, and these are the reasons people go for it:

• It is fast: This is the main reason why people choose e-commerce every time. It is quick; once you are connected to the internet, everything becomes easy.

• It is less stressful: People generally prefer anything that will be less stressful for them. E-commerce is convenient, and people love its easiness.

• Eliminates travel costs: E-commerce makes it easy for people to order anything from the comfort of their homes, anytime, anyway. The ability to transfer funds online has made this possible.
This and many more are the reasons why people prefer to do business online.

E-commerce includes technologies such as online transactions, electronic funds transfer, mobile commerce, and internet marketing, among others. It uses the World Wide Web for a large part of its transactions. These transactions include online books (e-books) purchases, music purchases, online shopping, online financial exchange, and so on.

We move on to chatbots

What are eCommerce Chatbots?
Chatbots are computer programs that simulate conversations with human users to complete a service. They are a form of intelligent assistant technologies. A chatbot could either be ordinary or smart.

Chatbots are taking over the business world today. They are reliable as long as you program them in the right way.

Benefits of Chatbot to e-commerce
There are so many advantages and benefits of chatbots to e-commerce, and they are listed below:

1. Chatbots can answer effectively to a large number of people simultaneously

2. Chatbots are automated

3. Chatbots are cheaper than paying human workers to monitor enquires

4. They respond instantly in any time zone and geographical location

5. They can chat for hours without any need for human supervision

6. They can complete a buyer’s purchase

7. Provides customer’s support

8. Solve customers queries and answers questions intelligently

9. Companies use chatbots to communicate with their clients instantly

10. Chatbots resolve customers issues on multiple platforms

11. Chatbots reach out to more potential buyers across the globe in media

12. Helps customers buy products, make recommendations and help customers trail their products

13. Customers can get updates on products through chatbots. Chatbots can notify a customer on a brand new product

14. Unlike humans, Chatbots operate without requiring to take a break. They can work for long hours without breaking down

15. Chatbots help saves money. Since it is a one-time investment, it helps to reduce staff and save costs

16. Chatbots helps to improve customer satisfaction

17. Automation of work that is repetitive. Humans may find doing a particular job over and over again dull, but that’s not the case with chatbots

18. Chatbots perform instant transactions

19. Chatbots have endless patience unlike humans

20. The ability to reach out to new customers

21. Chatbots help for a personalized experience

22. It helps for better open rates

E-commerce and e-commerce Chatbots work hand in hand. E-commerce Chatbots make e-commerce very easy and convenient. It makes e-commerce efficient, effective, and reliable.

Chatbots are slowly taking over the world of e-commerce; many business owners are adopting it. This is because it has the capability and potential to reach a large audience at the same time. Chatbots can be placed in social media platforms like Facebook, Messenger, Telegram, amongst others. So many people use these apps, and thus, if you advertise your business with chatbots, you can get a large number of people to do business with you.

With so many advantages of chatbots, wouldn’t you as a business owner love to make use of its services?

Chatbots help businesses by offering product and purchase suggestions. They help to boost brands as business involves reaching out to relevant audiences.

Chatbots helps to increase sales. Here’s how:
Discovery: Chatbots helps to reach out to a large number of people at the same time, and it increases the rate of sales.

Notification: Chatbots gives customers updates about their products, help customers track and trail their products, give them updates about delays in delivery and every other necessary information.

Share: Chatbots help customers to share their products to friends
Purchase of goods and services: Chatbots allows customers to find suitable products and help them sort out precisely what they want through interactions and quick replies.

Support: Chatbots provide webview for products and provide integrated and automatic customer support.

Bearing in mind that the key to an increase in sales is by improving customers experience, Chatbots helps to enhance customers experience and built up their satisfaction. It creates engagement, initiates conversation, and reduces human error. It also provides proactive help and assistance to customers.

Research says that “By the year 2020, nearly 80% of businesses will have their chatbots”. This is almost close. Regardless of this, chatbots cannot wholly take over humans in the business aspect. Chatbots increases customers excitement, and it is necessary to input or program your bot with the right data to prevent wrong information from being dispensed.
Chatbots provide functional linguistics and is versatile with language. It is a professional.

eCommerceChatbots offers and provides progressive avenues for marketing.
Chatbots gets customers attention because people get excited interacting or conversing with a program that acts like a human. Therefore, Chatbots aid customer engagement and this can lead to sales increase and improvement.
Chatbots aids and enables marketing guidance, relevant notifications, improved customer service, and broadened reach out.

Wow! So many intriguing advantages of chatbots. Amazing! Chatbots acts like a link between brands and their clients or customers by providing unlimited interactions and conversations. With chatbots, there is:
• Better open business rates
• Personalized experience
• Better customers engagements
• Boosting for brands
• Products recommendations
• Showcasing new products, goods, and services

If your business does not reach the right audience, there is simply no way for you to have customers and make sales.

Apply the services of a chatbot today and watch customers troop in, of course, if you have quality goods and excellent services to render. If you do not meet the requirements and much satisfy a customer’s need, sadly enough, you have lost that customer.

You don’t need your business or brand to be as big as Facebook before you make use of a chatbot.

Even if you are running a small-scale business, you can make use of a chatbot. After all, every company aims to make a profit. Create your chatbot and set it up, reach out to the world, and get ready for some real business deals.


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