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You will learn how you can use different marketing channels and platform to achieve your desired result and business goal. Our team with experts from different areas will perform an audit for your marketing assets and prepare a specific proposal for your team. In the end, you will get:

- Full Stack Marketing Proposal
- KPIs Estimation
- Marketing Timeline
- Budget Allocation Plan
- FREE Consultation

Understand what it takes for a successful marketing plan for your business. 

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Crunch Capacities Statement

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A Full Stack Marketing Agency that covers everything you need

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We take a custom approach to each and every client campaign to ensure that our strategies meet their unique business goals and objectives.No matters your marketing goal is to drive more leads, increase your online revenue, or want to ensure your brand is getting the most visibility as possible online. We can help out.

Our team takes a data-driven and ROI-focused approach to helping you to grow your business.

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Here's Everything We Can Do for You

Crunch is an interactive marketing agency whose goal is to become an extension of your internal marketing team to ensure a truly collaborative team effort.
We cover the following digital marketing services:

Generate Leads

Increase in Sales Revenue

Increase Buying Frequency

Social Media Marketing

Content Marketing

Video Marketing

Email Marketing

Chatbot Marketing

Paid Ads Management / PPC
(Facebook & Google)

Analytic & Tracking

Conversion Rate Optimization

Search Engine Optimisation

App Development

Website Development

Creative & Branding

How We Can Work Together

Here is how we do:

Discussion and understanding 

We will discuss and understand your marketing goal and your business nature. At the end of the discussion we will understand who is your ideal customer, what you plan to achieve and what resources we have to achieve this goal.

Audit and Analysis

Based on the discussion, we will perform audit and analysis of your business. Through our research, we will propose a marketing plan based on the budget allocation to achieve the marketing goal.

Finalise the Scope and Deliveries

We will discuss and finalise the scope and deliveries with our prospect to get a mutual understanding of each other expectation. Through the final discussion, we will learn how we can work together to achieve business success.

Execute, execute and execute

Based on the agreed scope of work, we will start working on the implementation and execution of the project. With a crystal clear objective and planning to achieve business success. 

Revise and Reporting

From time to time we will revise and improve the campaign to maximise the return of investment of the campaign. We grow together with our clients by getting feedback from the client about the performance. From time to time, we are getting better and better. 

Let's Talk

And discuss how we can assist you in your business and marketing goals. We will give a FREE Digital Marketing Consultation to achieve your marketing goal based on your business and industry needs

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